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GRACE Tellus Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment
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UPDATE: GRCTellus LAND available through 01/2015
Total Land Water Storage grids are now available here. >> 
UPDATE: Level-3 proceesing status (03/2015)
GRACE SDS Level-2 for Jan & Feb 2015 are still being iterated; Dec-2014 is missing due to recurring active battery management >> 
GRCTellus Ocean grids updated
Ocean Bottom Pressure grids are now available through 10/2014. >> 
GRCTellus Land grids updated through 10/2014.
Total Land Water Storage grids are now available here. >> 
Complete reprocessing: new JPL-RL05.1 release
JPL has reprocessed the entire GRACE time series since 04/2002 and released version RL05.1 >> 

2014 GRACE Science Team meeting Proceedings
The proceedings of the 2014 GRACE Science Team Meeting held at GFZ in Potsdam, Germany, 28 Sept - 2 Oct. 2014, can be found here. >> 
GRACE supports research in human health and climate connections
Increasingly severe heat waves and more frequent and intense flooding due to climate change will spur the spread of cholera in vulnerable regions of the world, new research suggests. >> 
60 Minutes: Segment Extras - NASA turns its eyes on Earth
NASA scientist Mike Watkins explains how NASA is using GRACE and its other satellites to revolutionize Earth science. >> 
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