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GRACE Tellus Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment
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3. GRACE publications added between 1/29/2011 and 1/29/2013

4. Added since 01/16/2014 (last 3 months)

  • Lee, Sang-Il Seo, Jae Young Lee, Sang Ki 2014:
    "Validation of Terrestrial Water Storage Change Estimates Using Hydrologic Simulation."
    Journal of Water Resources and Ocean Science  3  5 - 9  (DOI
  • Renzetti, G. 2014:
    "Some reflections on the Lageos frame-dragging experiment in view of recent data analyses."
    New Astronomy  29  25 - 27  (DOI
  • Schutze, Daniel Farrant, David Shaddock, Daniel A. Sheard, Benjamin S. Heinzel, Gerhard Danzmann, Karsten 2014:
    "Measuring coalignment of retroreflectors with large lateral incoming-outgoing beam offset."
    Review of Scientific Instruments  85  035103 - (DOI
  • Wang, Shusen Huang, Jianliang Li, Junhua Rivera, Alfonso McKenney, Daniel W. Sheffield, Justin 2014:
    "Assessment of water budget for sixteen large drainage basins in Canada."
    Journal of Hydrology  512  1 - 15  (DOI
  • Bezdek, Ale Sebera, Josef Klokocnik, Jaroslav Kostelecky, Jan 2014:
    "Gravity field models from kinematic orbits of CHAMP, GRACE and GOCE satellites."
    Advances in Space Research  53  412 - 429  (DOI
  • Calafat, F. M. Chambers, D. P. 2013:
    "Quantifying recent acceleration in sea level unrelated to internal climate variability."
    Geophysical Research Letters  40  3661 - 3666  (DOI
  • Chen, Hongru Liu, Huixin Hanada, Toshiya 2014:
    "Storm-time atmospheric density modeling using neural networks and its application in orbit propagation."
    Advances in Space Research  53  558 - 567  (DOI
  • Darama, Yakup 2014:
    "Comment on "Groundwater depletion in the Middle East from GRACE with implications for transboundary water management in the Tigris-Euphrates-Western Iran Region" by Katalyn A. Voss et al."
    Water Resources Research  50  754 - 757  (DOI
  • Kuang, D. Desai, S. Sibthorpe, A. Pi, X. 2014:
    "Measuring atmospheric density using GPS-LEO tracking data."
    Advances in Space Research  53  243 - 256  (DOI
  • Liang, Yu-Chiao Lo, Min-Hui Yu, Jin-Yi 2014:
    "Asymmetric Responses of Land Hydroclimatology to Two Types of El Niño in the Mississippi River Basin."
    Geophysical Research Letters  41  582 - 588  (DOI
  • Martius, O. Sodemann, H. Joos, H. Pfahl, S. Winschall, A. Croci-Maspoli, M. Graf, M. Madonna, E. Mueller, B. Schemm, S. Sedlá?ek, J. Sprenger, M. Wernli, H. 2013:
    "The role of upper-level dynamics and surface processes for the Pakistan flood of July 2010."
    Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society  139  1780 - 1797  (DOI
  • Martos, Yasmina M. Galindo-Zaldivar, Jesus Catalan, Manuel Bohoyo, Fernando Maldonado, Andres 2014:
    "Asthenospheric Pacific-Atlantic flow barriers and the West Scotia Ridge extinction."
    Geophysical Research Letters  41  43 - 49  (DOI
  • Omondi, Philip Aming'o Awange, Joseph L. Forootan, Ehsan Ogallo, Laban Ayieko Barakiza, Ruben Girmaw, Gezahegn Bogale Fesseha, Isaac Kululetera, Venerabilis Kilembe, Caroline Mbati, Mathieu Mugunga Kilavi, Mary King'uyu, Stephen Mutua Omeny, Peter Adek Njogu, Andrew Badr, Eldin Mamoun Musa, Tibin Adam Muchiri, Peris Bamanya, Deus Komutunga, Everline 2014:
    "Changes in temperature and precipitation extremes over the greater horn of africa region from 1961 to 2010."
    International Journal of Climatology  34  1262 - 1277  (DOI
  • Shi, Mingjie Yang, Zong-Liang Landerer, Felix W. 2013:
    "Representing and evaluating the landscape freeze/thaw properties and their impacts on soil impermeability-hydrological processes in the community land model version 4."
    Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres  118  7542 - 7557  (DOI;)
  • Wang, Shih-Yu Hakala, Kirsti Gillies, Robert R. Capehart, William J. 2014:
    "The Pacific Quasi-Decadal Oscillation (QDO)� -- An important precursor towards anticipating major flood events in the Missouri River Basin?."
    Geophysical Research Letters  41  991 - 997  (DOI
  • Cai, Xitian Yang, Zong-Liang David, Cédric H. Niu, Guo-Yue Rodell, Matthew 2014:
    "Hydrological evaluation of the Noah-MP land surface model for the Mississippi River Basin."
    Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres  119  23 - 38  (DOI
  • Farahani, H. Hashemi Ditmar, P. Klees, R. 2014:
    "Assessment of the added value of data from the GOCE satellite mission to time-varying gravity field modelling."
    Journal of Geodesy  88  157 - 178  (DOI
  • Ferreira, Vagner G. Andam-akorful, Samuel He, Xiu-Feng Xiao, Ru-Ya 2014:
    "Estimating water storage changes and sink terms in Volta Basin from satellite missions."
    Water Science and Engineering  7  5 - 16  (DOI
  • Murboeck, Michael Pail, Roland Daras, Ilias Gruber, Thomas 2014:
    "Optimal orbits for temporal gravity recovery regarding temporal aliasing."
    Journal of Geodesy  88  113 - 126  (DOI
  • Wang, Hailong Guan, Huade Gutiérrez-Jurado, Hugo A. Simmons, Craig T. 2014:
    "Examination of water budget using satellite products over Australia."
    Journal of Hydrology  511  546 - 554  (DOI
  • Becker, Richard H. 2014:
    "The Stalled Recovery of the Iraqi Marshes."
    Remote Sensing  6  1260 - 1274  (DOI
  • de Linage, Caroline Kim, Hyungjun Famiglietti, James S. Yu, Jin-Yi 2013:
    "Impact of Pacific and Atlantic sea surface temperatures on interannual and decadal variations of GRACE land water storage in tropical South America."
    Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres  118  10,811 - 10,829  (DOI
  • Kelly, Kathryn A. Thompson, LuAnne Lyman, John 2014:
    "The Coherence and Impact of Meridional Heat Transport Anomalies in the Atlantic Ocean Inferred from Observations."
    Journal of Climate  27  1469 - 1487  (DOI
  • Mikhailov, Andrei Belehaki, Anna Perrone, Loredana Zolesi, Bruno Tsagouri, Ioanna 2013:
    "Retrieval of thermospheric parameters from routinely observed F2-layer Ne(h) profiles at the geomagnetic equator."
    Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate  3 - A15  (DOI
  • Peralta-Ferriz, Cecilia Morison, James H. Wallace, John M. Bonin, Jennifer A. Zhang, Jinlun 2014:
    "Arctic ocean circulation patterns revealed by GRACE."
    Journal of Climate  27  1445 - 1468  (DOI
  • Sheng Chuan-Zhen Gan Wei-Jun Liang Shi-Ming Chen Wei-Tao Xiao Gen-Ru 2014:
    "Identification and elimination of non-tectonic crustal deformation caused by land water from GPS time series in the western Yunnan province based on GRACE observations."
    Chinese Journal of Geophysics-Chinese Edition  57  42 - 52  (DOI
  • Zheng Wei Hsu Hou-Tse Zhong Min Liu Cheng-Shu Yun Mei-Juan 2014:
    "Precise and rapid recovery of Earth's gravity field from next-generation GRACE Follow-On mission using the residual intersatellite range-rate method."
    Chinese Journal of Geophysics-Chinese Edition  57  31 - 41  (DOI
  • Papa, Fabrice Frappart, Frederic Guentner, Andreas Prigent, Catherine Aires, Filipe Getirana, Augusto C. V. Maurer, Raffael 2013:
    "Surface freshwater storage and variability in the Amazon basin from multi-satellite observations, 1993-2007."
    Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres  118  11951 - 11965  (DOI
  • Forman, B. A. Reichle, R. H. 2013:
    "The spatial scale of model errors and assimilated retrievals in a terrestrial water storage assimilation system."
    Water Resources Research  49  7457 - 7468  (DOI
  • Gilardoni, M. Reguzzoni, M. Sampietro, D. 2013:
    "A least-squares collocation procedure to merge local geoids with the aid of satellite-only gravity models: the Italian/Swiss geoids case study."
    Bollettino Di Geofisica Teorica Ed Applicata  54  303 - 319  (DOI
  • Menna, M. Poulain, P. -M Mauri, E. Sampietro, D. Panzetta, F. Reguzzoni, M. Sanso, F. 2013:
    "Mean surface geostrophic circulation of the Mediterranean Sea estimated from GOCE geoid models and altimetric mean sea surface: initial validation and accuracy assessment."
    Bollettino Di Geofisica Teorica Ed Applicata  54  347 - 365  (DOI
  • Moore, Scott 2012:
    "The role of GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment): Derived data in groundwater resource management."
    GWF Discussion Paper   1 - 4  (DOI
  • Sabadini, R. Cambiotti, G. 2013:
    "The 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake GCMT solution from the GOCE model of the Earth's crust."
    Bollettino Di Geofisica Teorica Ed Applicata  54  335 - 346  (DOI
  • Zheng Wei Hsu Hou-Tse Zhong Min Liu Cheng-Shu Yun Mei-Juan 2013:
    "Precise and rapid recovery of the Earth's gravitational field by the next-generation four-satellite cartwheel formation system."
    Chinese Journal of Geophysics-Chinese Edition  56  2928 - 2935  (DOI
  • Colgan, W. Luthcke, S. Abdalati, W. Citterio, M. 2013:
    "Constraining GRACE-derived cryosphere-attributed signal to irregularly shaped ice-covered areas."
    Cryosphere  7  1901 - 1914  (DOI
  • Ferrant, Sylvain Caballero, Yvan Perrin, Jé Gascoin, Simon Dewandel, Benoit Aulong, Stéphanie Dazin, Fabrice Ahmed, Shakeel Maréchal, Jean-Christophe 2014:
    "Projected impacts of climate change on farmers' extraction of groundwater from crystalline aquifers in South India."
    Scientific Reports  4  3697 - (DOI
  • Awange, J. L. Anyah, R. Agola, N. Forootan, E. Omondi, P. 2013:
    "Potential impacts of climate and environmental change on the stored water of Lake Victoria Basin and economic implications."
    Water Resources Research  49  8160 - 8173  (DOI
  • Haq, M. A. Jain, K. Shoab, M. Menon, K. P. R. 2013:
    "Estimation of Terrestrial Water Storage change in the Bhagirathi Ganga and Vishnu Ganga basins using satellite gravimetry."
       1817 - 1820  (DOI
  • Kuragano, Tsurane Fujii, Yosuke Toyoda, Takahiro Usui, Norihisa Ogawa, Koji Kamachi, Masafumi 2014:
    "Seasonal barotropic sea surface height fluctuation in relation to regional ocean mass variation."
    Journal of Oceanography  70  45 - 62  (DOI
  • Volkov, Denis L. Landerer, Felix W. 2013:
    "Non-seasonal fluctuations of the Arctic Ocean mass observed by the GRACE satellites."
    Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans  118  6451 - 6460  (DOI
  • Wada, Y. Wisser, D. Bierkens, M. F. P. 2014:
    "Global modeling of withdrawal, allocation and consumptive use of surface water and groundwater resources."
    Earth System Dynamics  5  15 - 40  (DOI
  • Elsaka, Basem Raimondo, Jean-Claude Brieden, Phillip Reubelt, Tilo Kusche, Juergen Flechtner, Frank Pour, Siavash Iran Sneeuw, Nico Mueller, Juergen 2014:
    "Comparing seven candidate mission configurations for temporal gravity field retrieval through full-scale numerical simulation."
    Journal of Geodesy  88  31 - 43  (DOI
  • Huang, Zhenwei Guo, Jun-Yi Shum, C. K. Wan, Junkun Duan, Jianbin Fok, Hok Sum Kuo, Chung-Yen 2013:
    "On the Accuracy of Glacial Isostatic Adjustment Models for Geodetic Observations to Estimate Arctic Ocean Sea-Level Change."
    T A O: Terrestrial Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences/Diqiu Kexue Jikan  24  471 - 490  (DOI
  • Ivins, Erik R. James, Thomas S. Wahr, John Schrama, Ernst J. O. Landerer, Felix W. Simon, Karen M. 2013:
    "Antarctic contribution to sea level rise observed by GRACE with improved GIA correction."
    Journal of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth  118  3126 - 3141  (DOI
  • Matsuo, Koji Heki, Kosuke 2013:
    "Current Ice Loss in Small Glacier Systems of the Arctic Islands (Iceland, Svalbard, and the Russian High Arctic) from Satellite Gravimetry."
    T A O: Terrestrial Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences/Diqiu Kexue Jikan  24  657 - 670  (DOI
  • Sutterley, Tyler C. Velicogna, Isabella Csatho, Beata Van, Den Broeke Rezvan-Behbahani, Soroush Babonis, Greg 2014:
    "Evaluating Greenland glacial isostatic adjustment corrections using GRACE, altimetry and surface mass balance data."
    Environmental Research Letters  9  014004 - (DOI
  • Tancredi, Urbano Renga, Alfredo Grassi, Michele 2014:
    "Real-time relative positioning of spacecraft over long baselines."
    Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics  37  47 - 58  (DOI
  • Wang, Hansheng Xiang, Longwei Wu, Patrick Steffen, Holger Jia, Lulu Jiang, Liming Shen, Qiang 2013:
    "Effects of the Tibetan Plateau Crustal Structure on the Inversion of Water Trend Rates Using Simulated GRACE/GPS Data."
    T A O: Terrestrial Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences/Diqiu Kexue Jikan  24  505 - 512  (DOI
  • Xu, Changyi Sun, Wenke Zhou, Xin 2013:
    "Effects of Huge Earthquakes on Earth Rotation and the length of Day."
    T A O: Terrestrial Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences/Diqiu Kexue Jikan  24  649 - 656  (DOI
  • Zmijewski, Kirk Becker, Richard 2014:
    "Estimating the effects of anthropogenic modification on water balance in the Aral Sea watershed using GRACE: 2003-2012."
    Earth Interactions  18  3 - (DOI
  • Armanios, Daniel Erian Fisher, Joshua B. 2014:
    "Measuring water availability with limited ground data: assessing the feasibility of an entirely remote-sensing-based hydrologic budget of the Rufiji Basin, Tanzania, using TRMM, GRACE, MODIS, SRB, and AIRS."
    Hydrological Processes  28  853 - 867  (DOI
  • Fairhead, J. D. Somerton, I. W. 2011:
    "Limitations on the resolution and suitability of global gravity and magnetic models for geological interpretation; a user health warning!."
      2011 - (DOI
  • Ferrant, Sylvain Caballero, Yvan Perrin, Jé Gascoin, Simon Dewandel, Benoit Aulong, Stéphanie Dazin, Fabrice Ahmed, Shakeel Maréchal, Jean-Christophe 2014:
    "Projected impacts of climate change on farmers' extraction of groundwater from crystalline aquifers in South India."
    Scientific Reports  4  3697 - (DOI
  • Fischer, D. Michel, V. 2013:
    "Inverting GRACE gravity data for local climate effects."
    Journal of Geodetic Science  3  151 - 162  (DOI
  • Fuchs, Martin J. Bouman, Johannes Broerse, Taco Visser, Pieter Vermeersen, Bert 2013:
    "Observing coseismic gravity change from the Japan Tohoku-Oki 2011 earthquake with GOCE gravity gradiometry."
    Journal of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth  118  5712 - 5721  (DOI
  • Joodaki, Gholamreza 2014:
    "Earth Mass Change Tracking Using GRACE Satellite Gravity Data."
       142 - 142  (DOI
  • Joodaki, Gholamreza Nahavandchi, Hossein 2012:
    "Mass balance and mass loss acceleration of the Greenland ice sheet (2002 - 2011) from GRACE gravity data."
    Journal of Geodetic Science  2  156 - 161  (DOI
  • Liu, Huidong 2013:
    "Lakes in land surface models: Simulation and validation using satellite measurements."
       108 - 108  (DOI
  • Maystrenko, Yuriy P. Scheck-Wenderoth, Magdalena Hartwig, Alexander Anka, Zahie Watts, Antony B. Hirsch, Katja K. Fishwick, Stewart 2013:
    "Structural features of the southwest African continental margin according to results of lithosphere-scale 3D gravity and thermal modelling."
    Tectonophysics  604  104 - 121  (DOI
  • Castle, S. 2011:
    "Comparison of a GRACE Hydrology Products to Observations."
      - (DOI
  • Chung, T. Kuo, C. Guo, J. Shum, C. Johnson, T. J. Ries, J. C. 2011:
    "Estimation of geocenter variations."
      - (DOI
  • Famiglietti, James Lambinicio, Amabella An, Karen Reager, J. T. Druffel-Rodriguez, Rachel Richey, Alexandra Rodell, Matthew 2012:
    "The Contribution Of Groundwater Depletion To Global Mean Sea Level Rise."
    Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America  44  54 - (DOI
  • Feng, Guiping Jin, Shuanggen Sanchez Reales, Jose M. 2013:
    "Antarctic circumpolar current from satellite gravimetric models ITG-GRACE2010, GOCE-TIM3 and satellite altimetry."
    Journal of Geodynamics  72  72 - 80  (DOI
  • Fu, Yuning Argus, Donald F. Freymueller, Jeffrey T. Heflin, Michael B. 2013:
    "Horizontal motion in elastic response to seasonal loading of rain water in the Amazon Basin and monsoon water in Southeast Asia observed by GPS and inferred from GRACE."
    Geophysical Research Letters  40  6048 - 6053  (DOI
  • Guilfoos, Todd James 2013:
    "Essays on groundwater economics."
       122 - 122  (DOI
  • Jin, Shuanggen van Dam, Tonie Wdowinski, Shimon 2013:
    "Observing and understanding the Earth system variations from space geodesy."
    Journal of Geodynamics  72  1 - 10  (DOI
  • Kusche, J. Rietbroek, R. Brunnabend, S. Schroeter, J. 2011:
    "Partitioning sea level rise from GRACE and Jason-1 altimetry with a new method."
      - (DOI
  • Lambert, A. Huang, J. van, der Kamp Henton, J. Mazzotti, S. James, T. S. Courtier, N. Barr, A. G. 2013:
    "Measuring water accumulation rates using GRACE data in areas experiencing glacial isostatic adjustment: The Nelson River basin."
    Geophysical Research Letters  40  6118 - 6122  (DOI
  • Limberger, M. Liang, W. Schmidt, M. Dettmering, D. Hugentobler, U. 2013:
    "Regional representation of F2 Chapman parameters based on electron density profiles."
    Annales Geophysicae  31  2215 - 2227  (DOI
  • Mehta, Piyush M. McLaughlin, Craig A. Sutton, Eric K. 2013:
    "Drag coefficient modeling for grace using Direct Simulation Monte Carlo."
    Advances in Space Research  52  2035 - 2051  (DOI
  • Metivier, Laurent Collilieux, Xavier Altamimi, Zuheir 2013:
    "ITRF2008, Glacial Isostatic Adjustment and Recent Ice Melting."
      - (DOI
  • Moreira, D. M. Calmant, S. Perosanz, F. Santos, A. Santos Da Silva, J. Seyler, F. Ramillien, G. L. Monteiro, A. Rotunno, O. Shum, C. 2011:
    "Use of GNSS data for Hydrology: Applications of the method PPP (Precise Point Positioning) with integer ambiguities fixing for hydrological studies in the Amazon basin ."
      - (DOI
  • Teuling, Adriaan J. Van Loon, Anne F. Seneviratne, Sonia I. Lehner, Irene Aubinet, Marc Heinesch, Bernard Bernhofer, Christian Grünwald, Thomas Prasse, Heiko Spank, Uwe 2013:
    "Evapotranspiration amplifies European summer drought."
    Geophysical Research Letters  40  2071 - 2075  (DOI
  • Zhang, T. Y. Jin, S. G. 2013:
    "Estimate of glacial isostatic adjustment uplift rate in the Tibetan Plateau from GRACE and GIA models."
    Journal of Geodynamics  72  59 - 66  (DOI

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