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GRACE Tellus Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment
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3. GRACE publications added between 1/29/2011 and 1/29/2013

4. Added since 08/23/2014 (last 3 months)

  • Chevalier, L. Laignel, B. Massei, N. Munier, S. Becker, M. Turki, I. Coynel, A. Cazenave, A. 2014:
    "Hydrological variability of major French rivers over recent decades, assessed from gauging station and GRACE observations."
    Hydrological Sciences Journal-Journal Des Sciences Hydrologiques  59  1844 - 1855  (DOI
  • Dasgupta, S. Das, I. C. Subramanian, S. K. Dadhwal, V. K. 2014:
    "Space-based gravity data analysis for groundwater storage estimation in the Gangetic plain, India."
    Current science  107  832 - 844  (DOI
  • Schtze, Daniel Stede, Gunnar Mller, Vitali Gerberding, Oliver Bandikova, Tamara Sheard, Benjamin S. Heinzel, Gerhard Danzmann, Karsten 2014:
    "Laser beam steering for GRACE Follow-On intersatellite interferometry."
    Optics Express  22  24117 - 24132  (DOI
  • Sun, Wenke 2014:
    "Recent advances of computing coseismic deformations in theory and applications."
    Earthquake Science  27  217 - 227  (DOI
  • van Angelen, J. H. van, den Broeke Wouters, B. Lenaerts, J. T. M. 2014:
    "Contemporary (1960-2012) Evolution of the Climate and Surface Mass Balance of the Greenland Ice Sheet."
    Surveys in Geophysics  35  1155 - 1174   (DOI
  • Yang, Xia Li, Jiancheng 2014:
    "Relative orbit determination using combined GPS/KBR."
    Zhongguo Kuangye Daxue Xuebao/Journal of China University of Mining and Technology  43  950 - 955 
  • Baur, O. Bock, H. Hock, E. Jaggi, A. Krauss, S. Mayer-Gurr, T. Reubelt, T. Siemes, C. Zehentner, N. 2014:
    "Comparison of GOCE-GPS gravity fields derived by different approaches."
    Journal Of Geodesy  88  959 - 973  (DOI
  • Behar, Etienne Cresson, Jacky Pierret, Frederic 2014:
    "Dynamics of a rotating flat ellipsoid with a stochastic oblateness."
       1 - 14  (DOI
  • Bolinger, Rebecca A. Kummerow, Christian D. 2014:
    "The hydroclimate of the Upper Colorado River Basin and the western United States."
      Ph.D.  128 - 128  (DOI
  • Skaskevych, Alla 2014:
    "A Comparison Study of Grace-Based Groundwater Modeling for Data-Rich and Data-Scarce Regions."
      M.S.  107 - 107  (DOI
  • Zheng, Wei Hsu, Hou-Tse Zhong, Min Yun, Mei-Juan 2014:
    "Physical analysis on improving the recovery accuracy of the Earth's gravity field by a combination of satellite observations in along-track and cross-track directions."
    Chinese Physics B  23  109101 - 109101  (DOI
  • Wang, Jianhua Jiang, Dong Huang, Yaohuan Wang, Hao 2014:
    "Drought Analysis of the Haihe River Basin Based on GRACE Terrestrial Water Storage."
    The Scientific World Journal   578372 - 578372  (DOI
  • Corbari, C. Mancini, M. Su, Z. Li, J. 2014:
    "Evapotranspiration estimate from water balance closure using satellite data for the Upper Yangtze River basin."
    Hydrology Research  45  603 - 614  (DOI
  • Lindgren, Carl Lyon, Steve 2014:
    "Estmating groundwater changes in the Rufiji basin by using data from the GRACE satellites."
      Bachelor  27 - 27  (DOI
  • Rio, M. H. Mulet, S. Picot, N. 2013:
    "New global mean dynamic topography from a GOCE geoid model, altimeter measurements and oceanographic in-situ data."
      722  7 - 7 
  • Ahmed, M. Sultan, M. Wahr, J. Yan, E. 2014:
    "The use of GRACE data to monitor natural and anthropogenic induced variations in water availability across Africa."
    Earth-Science Reviews  136  289 - 300  (DOI
  • Memin, A. Flament, T. Remy, F. Llubes, M. 2014:
    "Snow- and ice-height change in Antarctica from satellite gravimetry and altimetry data."
    Earth And Planetary Science Letters  404  344 - 353  (DOI
  • Schrama, E. J. O. Wouters, B. Rietbroek, R. 2014:
    "A mascon approach to assess ice sheet and glacier mass balances and their uncertainties from GRACE data."
    Journal Of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth  119  6048 - 6066  (DOI
  • Van Dijk, A. I. J. M. Renzullo, L. J. Wada, Y. Tregoning, P. 2014:
    "A global water cycle reanalysis (2003-2012) merging satellite gravimetry and altimetry observations with a hydrological multi-model ensemble."
    Hydrology And Earth System Sciences  18  2955 - 2973  (DOI
  • Argus, D. F. Peltier, W. R. Drummond, R. Moore, A. W. 2014:
    "The Antarctica component of postglacial rebound model ICE-6G_C (VM5a) based on GPS positioning, exposure age dating of ice thicknesses, and relative sea level histories."
    Geophysical Journal International  198  537 - 563  (DOI
  • Chanard, K. Avouac, J. P. Ramillien, G. Genrich, J. 2014:
    "Modeling deformation induced by seasonal variations of continental water in the Himalaya region: Sensitivity to Earth elastic structure."
    Journal Of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth  119  5097 - 5113  (DOI
  • Eicker, A. Mayer-Guerr, T. Ilk, K. H. :
    "Global gravity field solutions based on a simulation scenario of GRACE SST data and regional refinements by GOCE SGG observations."
    IAG international symposium on Gravity, geoid, and space missions 2004 (GGSM 2004), Porto, Portugal, Aug. 30-Sept. 3, 2004  129  66 - 71  (DOI
  • Jarecki, F. Muller, J. Petrovic, S. Schwintzer, P. :
    "Temporal gravity variations in GOCE gradiometric data."
    IAG international symposium on Gravity, geoid, and space missions 2004 (GGSM 2004), Porto, Portugal, Aug. 30-Sept. 3, 2004  129  333 - 338  (DOI
  • Kusche, J. Schrama, E. J. O. :
    "Mass redistribution from global GPS timeseries and GRACE gravity fields: Inversion issues."
    IAG international symposium on Gravity, geoid, and space missions 2004 (GGSM 2004), Porto, Portugal, Aug. 30-Sept. 3, 2004  129  322 - 327  (DOI
  • Nahavandchi, H. Soltanpour, A. Nymes, E. :
    "A new gravimetric geoidal height model over Norway computed by the least-squares modification parameters."
    IAG international symposium on Gravity, geoid, and space missions 2004 (GGSM 2004), Porto, Portugal, Aug. 30-Sept. 3, 2004  129  191 - 196  (DOI
  • Pant, Aruj Sastry, Rambhatla G. 2014:
    "Method for isolation of gravity signatures due to major earthquakes from satellite gravity data."
       174 - 180   (DOI
  • Xiong, C. Luhr, H. 2014:
    "The Midlatitude Summer Night Anomaly as observed by CHAMP and GRACE: Interpreted as tidal features."
    Journal Of Geophysical Research-Space Physics  119  4905 - 4915  (DOI
  • Amos, Colin B. Audet, Pascal Hammond, William C. Buergmann, Roland Johanson, Ingrid A. Blewitt, Geoffrey 2014:
    "Uplift and seismicity driven by groundwater depletion in Central California."
    Nature (London)  509  483 - 486  (DOI
  • Bingham, R. J. Haines, K. :
    "Decadal ocean bottom pressure variability and its associated gravitational effects in a coupled ocean- atmosphere model."
    IAG international symposium on Gravity, geoid, and space missions 2004 (GGSM 2004), Porto, Portugal, Aug. 30-Sept. 3, 2004  129  298 - 303  (DOI
  • Chen, Xuxing Hu, Xiong Xiao, Cun-Ying Wang, Xijing 2013:
    "Comparison of the Thermospheric Densities Between GRACE/CHAMP Satellites Data and NRLMSISE-00 Model."
    Chinese Journal of Space Science  33  509 - 517 
  • Gong, Xuewen Wang, Fuhong Liu, Wanke 2014:
    "A novel algorithm on sub-meter level real-time orbit determination using space-borne GPS pseudo-range measurements."
      305 LNEE  89 - 100  (DOI
  • Ngo, Silvie McRae, Terry G. Gray, Malcolm B. Shaddock, Daniel A. 2014:
    "Homodyne digital interferometry for a sensitive fiber frequency reference."
    Optics Express  22  18168 - 18176  (DOI
  • Sharifi, M. A. Keller, W. :
    "GRACE gradiometer."
    IAG international symposium on Gravity, geoid, and space missions 2004 (GGSM 2004), Porto, Portugal, Aug. 30-Sept. 3, 2004  129  42 - 47  (DOI
  • Tancredi, U. Renga, A. Grassi, M. 2014:
    "On-the-fly outlier rejection in high-precision spaceborne GPS applications."
       39 - 43  (DOI
  • Visser, P. N. A. M. Schrama, E. J. O. :
    "Space-borne gravimetry: Determination of the time variable gravity field."
    IAG international symposium on Gravity, geoid, and space missions 2004 (GGSM 2004), Porto, Portugal, Aug. 30-Sept. 3, 2004  129  6 - 11  (DOI
  • Wang, Wu-Xing Gu, Guo-Hua Chen, Shi 2014:
    "Study on regional gravity changes before the MW 9.0 Japan earthquake detected by grace."
    Dizhen Dizhi  36  523 - 535  (DOI
  • Wei, Zheng Hou-Tse, H. S. U. Min, Zhong Cheng-Shu, L. I. U. Mei-Juan, Y. U. N. 2013:
    "Precise and Rapid Recovery of the Earth's Gravitational Field by the Next-Generation Four-Satellite Cartwheel Formation System."
    Chinese Journal of Geophysics  56  523 - 531  (DOI
  • Yang, Yang Yue, Xiaokui Li, Yong Rizos, Chris Dempster, Andrew G. 2014:
    "GPS receiver clock modelling for kinematic-based precise orbit determination of low earth orbiters."
      305 LNEE  133 - 142  (DOI
  • Amjadiparvar, Babak Sideris, Michael G. Rangelova, Elena V. 2013:
    "North American height datums and their offsets: Evaluation of the GOCE-based global geopotential models in Canada and the USA."
    Journal of Applied Geodesy  7  147 - 225  (DOI
  • Awange, J. L. Forootan, E. Kuhn, M. Kusche, J. Heck, B. 2014:
    "Water storage changes and climate variability within the Nile Basin between 2002 and 2011."
    Advances in Water Resources  73  1 - 15  (DOI
  • Doll, Petra Muller Schmied, Hannes Schuh, Carina Portmann, Felix T. Eicker, Annette 2014:
    "Global-scale assessment of groundwater depletion and related groundwater abstractions: Combining hydrological modeling with information from well observations and GRACE satellites."
    Water Resources Research  50  5698–5720, - 5698–5720,  (DOI
  • Jin, S. G. Zhang, X. G. 2014:
    "A Tikhonov regularization method to estimate Earth's oblateness variations from global GPS observations."
    Journal Of Geodynamics  79  23 - 29  (DOI
  • Julzarika, Atriyon 2013:
    "Geological structure detection digitally using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data."
      3  2577 - 2589 
  • Julzarika, Atriyon 2013:
    "Utilization of remote sensing data for coal potential detection."
      3  2565 - 2576 
  • Perez, Anjillyn Mae C. Blanco, Ariel C. 2013:
    "Integrated use of grace-derived terrestrial water storage changes and MODIS vegetation indices for rs-based drought monitoring."
      4  3493 - 3500 
  • Piecuch, Christopher G. Ponte, Rui M. 2014:
    "Nonseasonal mass fluctuations in the midlatitude North Atlantic Ocean."
    Geophysical Research Letters  41  4261 - 4269  (DOI
  • Ryzak, Arthur David Maidment 2014:
    "Visualizing large scale changes in the water budget with a custom GIS script tool."
      M.S. in Engineering  1 - 82  (DOI
  • Spannagel, Ruven Schuldt, Thilo Gohlke, Martin Sanjuan, Jose Messerschmidt, Boris Lucarelli, Stefano Johann, Ulrich Weise, Dennis Braxmaier, Claus 2013:
    "Characterizing lightweight and dimensionally ultra stable structures for space application."
      7  5720 - 5722 
  • von Schuckmann, K. Sallee, J. B. Chambers, D. Le Traon, P. Y. Cabanes, C. Gaillard, F. Speich, S. Hamon, M. 2014:
    "Consistency of the current global ocean observing systems from an Argo perspective."
    Ocean Science  10  547 - 557  (DOI
  • Wang, L. S. Chen, C. Zou, R. Du, J. S. Chen, X. D. 2014:
    "Using GPS and GRACE to detect seasonal horizontal deformation caused by loading of terrestrial water: A case study in the Himalayas."
    Chinese Journal Of Geophysics-Chinese Edition  57  1792 - 1804  (DOI
  • Yang, X. Li, J. C. Zhang, S. J. 2014:
    "Ionospheric correction for spaceborne single-frequency GPS based on single layer model."
    Journal of Earth System Science  123  767 - 778  (DOI
  • Boergens, E. Rangelova, E. Sideris, M. G. Kusche, J. 2014:
    "Assessment of the capabilities of the temporal and spatiotemporal ICA method for geophysical signal separation in GRACE data."
    Journal Of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth  119  4429 - 4447  (DOI
  • Castro, H. M. Cordero, A. C. de Freitas, S. R. C. 2014:
    Boletim De Ciencias Geodesicas  20  300 - 316  (DOI
  • de Linage, C. Famiglietti, J. S. Randerson, J. T. 2014:
    "Statistical prediction of terrestrial water storage changes in the Amazon Basin using tropical Pacific and North Atlantic sea surface temperature anomalies."
    Hydrology And Earth System Sciences  18  2089 - 2102  (DOI
  • Eriksson, D. MacMillan, D. S. 2014:
    "Continental hydrology loading observed by VLBI measurements."
    Journal Of Geodesy  88  675 - 690  (DOI
  • Eshagh, M. Ghorbannia, M. 2014:
    "The effect of spatial truncation error on variance of gravity anomalies derived from inversion of satellite orbital and gradiometric data."
    Advances in Space Research  54  261 - 271  (DOI
  • Feng, W. Lemoine, J. M. Zhong, M. Hsu, H. T. 2014:
    "Mass-induced sea level variations in the Red Sea from GRACE, steric-corrected altimetry, in situ bottom pressure records, and hydrographic observations."
    Journal Of Geodynamics  78  1 - 7  (DOI
  • Forootan, Ehsan Kusche, Jurgen Loth, Ina Schuh, Wolf-Dieter Eicker, Annette Awange, Joseph Longuevergne, Laurent Diekkruger, Bernd Schmidt, Michael Shum, C. K. 2014:
    "Multivariate Prediction of Total Water Storage Changes Over West Africa from Multi-Satellite Data."
    Surveys in Geophysics  35  913 - 940  (DOI
  • Sprlak, M. Novak, P. 2014:
    "Integral transformations of deflections of the vertical onto satellite-to-satellite tracking and gradiometric data."
    Journal Of Geodesy  88  643 - 657  (DOI
  • Talone, M. Meloni, M. Pelegri, J. L. Rosell-Fieschi, M. Flobergaghen, R. 2014:
    "Evolution of geoids in recent years and its impact on oceanography."
    Scientia Marina  78  155 - 164  (DOI
  • Tiwari, V. M. Srinivas, N. Singh, B. 2014:
    "Hydrological changes and vertical crustal deformation in south India: Inference from GRACE, GPS and absolute gravity data."
    Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors  231  74 - 80  (DOI
  • Guo, J. Y. Mu, D. P. Liu, X. Yan, H. M. Dai, H. L. 2014:
    "Equivalent water height extracted from GRACE gravity field model with robust independent component analysis."
    Acta Geophysica  62  953 - 972  (DOI
  • Jiang, D. Wang, J. H. Huang, Y. H. Zhou, K. Ding, X. Y. Fu, J. Y. 2014:
    "The Review of GRACE Data Applications in Terrestrial Hydrology Monitoring."
    Advances in Meteorology  - (DOI
  • Lei, J. H. Wang, W. B. Burns, A. G. Yue, X. A. Dou, X. K. Luan, X. L. Solomon, S. C. Liu, Y. C. M. 2014:
    "New aspects of the ionospheric response to the October 2003 superstorms from multiple-satellite observations."
    Journal Of Geophysical Research-Space Physics  119  2298 - 2317  (DOI
  • Liu, X. Thayer, J. P. Burns, A. Wang, W. Sutton, E. 2014:
    "Altitude variations in the thermosphere mass density response to geomagnetic activity during the recent solar minimum."
    Journal Of Geophysical Research-Space Physics  119  2160 - 2177  (DOI
  • Nielsen, J. E. Forsberg, R. Strykowski, G. 2014:
    "Measured and modelled absolute gravity changes in Greenland."
    Journal Of Geodynamics  73  53 - 59  (DOI
  • Rudenko, Sergei Dettmering, Denise Esselborn, Saskia Schone, Tilo Forste, Christoph Lemoine, Jean-Michel Ablain, Michael Alexandre, David Neumayer, Karl-Hans 2014:
    "Influence of time variable geopotential models on precise orbits of altimetry satellites, global and regional mean sea level trends."
    Advances in Space Research  54  92 - 118  (DOI
  • Tang, Jingshi Cheng, Haowen Liu, Lin 2014:
    "Assessing the recent droughts in southwestern China using satellite gravimetry."
    Water Resources Research  50  3030 - 3038  (DOI
  • Yi, W. Y. Rummel, R. 2014:
    "A comparison of GOCE gravitational models with EGM2008."
    Journal Of Geodynamics  73  14 - 22  (DOI
  • Zammit-Mangion, A. Rougier, J. Bamber, J. Schon, N. 2014:
    "Resolving the Antarctic contribution to sea-level rise: a hierarchical modelling framework."
    Environmetrics  25  245 - 264  (DOI
  • Zhang, Xinggang Jin, Shuanggen 2014:
    "Uncertainties and effects on geocenter motion estimates from global GPS observations."
    Advances in Space Research  54  59 - 71  (DOI
  • Frey, W. R. Lin, C. S. Garvin, M. B. Acebal, A. O. 2014:
    "Modeling the thermosphere as a driven-dissipative thermodynamic system."
    Space Weather-the International Journal of Research and Applications  12  132 - 142  (DOI
  • Mehta, P. M. Walker, A. McLaughlin, C. A. Koller, J. 2014:
    "Comparing Physical Drag Coefficients Computed Using Different Gas-Surface Interaction Models."
    Journal Of Spacecraft And Rockets  51  873 - 883  (DOI
  • Schmidt, P. Lund, B. Naslund, J. O. Fastook, J. 2014:
    "Comparing a thermo-mechanical Weichselian Ice Sheet reconstruction to reconstructions based on the sea level equation: aspects of ice configurations and glacial isostatic adjustment."
    Solid Earth  5  371 - 388  (DOI
  • Tsoulis, Dimitrios Patlakis, Konstantinos 2014:
    "Spectral assessment of isostatic gravity models against CHAMP, GRACE, GOCE satellite-only and combined gravity models."
    Acta Geophysica  62  679 - 698   (DOI
  • Turyshev, S. G. Sazhin, M. V. Toth, V. T. 2014:
    "General relativistic laser interferometric observables of the GRACE-Follow-On mission."
    Physical Review D  89  105029 - 105029   (DOI
  • Xiong, C. Ma, S. Y. Yin, F. 2014:
    "Determination of mean electron density between GRACE A and B satellites with precise microwave ranging."
    Chinese Journal Of Geophysics-Chinese Edition  57  1366 - 1376  (DOI
  • Yi, S. Sun, W. K. 2014:
    "Evaluation of glacier changes in high-mountain Asia based on 10 year GRACE RL05 models."
    Journal Of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth  119  2504 - 2517  (DOI
  • Zheng, W. Hsu, H. T. Zhong, M. Yun, M. J. 2014:
    "Precise recovery of the Earth's gravitational field by GRACE Follow-On satellite gravity gradiometry method."
    Chinese Journal Of Geophysics-Chinese Edition  57  1415 - 1423  (DOI
  • Gardner, Alex S. Moholdt, Geir Cogley, J. Graham Wouters, Bert Arendt, Anthony A. Wahr, John Berthier, Etienne Hock, Regine Pfeffer, W. Tad Kaser, Georg Ligtenberg, Stefan R. M. Bolch, Tobias Sharp, Martin J. Hagen, Jon Ove van den Broeke, Michiel R. van den Broeke, Michiel R. 2013:
    "A reconciled estimate of glacier contributions to sea level rise; 2003 to 2009."
    Science  340  852 - 857  (DOI
  • Piecuch, Christopher G. Ponte, Rui M. 2014:
    "Annual Cycle in Southern Tropical Indian Ocean Bottom Pressure."
    Journal Of Physical Oceanography  44  1605 - 1613  (DOI
  • Owor, Michael 2009:
    "Michael Owor (PhD research) - UCL Department of Geography: Groundwater/surface-water interactions on deeply weathered surfaces of low relief in the Upper Nile Basin of Uganda."
      2011 - (DOI

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