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GRACE Tellus Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment
Publications 01/2013 - 01/2015
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3. GRACE publications added between 1/29/2011 and 1/29/2013

4. Added since 05/30/2015 (last 3 months)

  • Bai, X. X. Yan, H. M. Zhu, Y. Z. Peng, P. 2015:
    "GOCE mean dynamic topography and its associated geostrophic current based on the regional filtering method."
    Chinese Journal Of Geophysics-Chinese Edition  58  1535 - 1546  (DOI
  • Beighley, R. Eggert, K. Wilson, C. J. Rowland, J. C. Lee, H. 2015:
    "A hydrologic routing model suitable for climate-scale simulations of arctic rivers: application to the Mackenzie River Basin."
    Hydrological Processes  29  2751 - 2768  (DOI
  • Calabia, Andres Jin, Shuanggen Tenzer, Robert 2015:
    "A new GPS-based calibration of GRACE accelerometers using the arc-to-chord threshold uncovered sinusoidal disturbing signal."
    Aerospace Science And Technology  45  265 - 271  (DOI
  • Canoci, C. Ciufolini, I. Coluccia, A. Paris, C. Ricci, G. Salvadori, G. Sindoni, G. 2015:
    "On the statistics of the orbital residuals of the LAGEOS satellites."
    Modern Physics Letters A  30  1550091 (14 p) - 1550091 (14 p)  (DOI
  • Poutanen, M. Bilker-Koivula, M. Saari, T. Ruotsalainen, H. Virtanen, J. :
    "Goce, geoid and heights."
       117 - 22 
  • Wen, Hanjiang Zhou, Yang Poutanen, M. Liu, Huanling Cheng, Pengfei Yu, Fei Wang, Youlei :
    "The study of geostrophic currents derived from GOCE gravity field models and mean sea surface height model."
       123 - 130 
  • Zhang, G. Q. Fu, G. Y. Zhou, X. Xu, C. Y. 2015:
    "Retrieve post-seismic gravity changes induced by Sumatra earthquake (M(w)9. 3) based on the viscoelastic dislocation theory."
    Chinese Journal Of Geophysics-Chinese Edition  58  1654 - 1665  (DOI
  • Foldvary, L. 2015:
    "Desmoothing of averaged periodical signals for geodetic applications."
    Geophysical Journal International  201  1235 - 1250  (DOI
  • Lechtenberg, Travis McLaughlin, Craig A. :
    "Density model corrections at low altitudes derived from ande orbit data."
      151  15 - 24 
  • Allee, S. Lebat, V. Perrot, E. Orsingher, S. :
    "Mechanical sizing of ULE parts."
       212 - 216 
  • Han, Shin-Chan Sauber, Jeanne Pollitz, Fred 2015:
    "Coseismic compression/dilatation and viscoelastic uplift/subsidence following the 2012 Indian Ocean earthquakes quantified from satellite gravity observations."
    Geophysical Research Letters  42  3764–3772 - 3764–3772   (DOI
  • McCullough, Christopher Bettadpur, Srinivas McDonald, Karl Xin, M. 2015:
    "Accuracy of numerical algorithms for satellite orbit propagation and Gravity field determination."
    Journal Of Spacecraft And Rockets  52  766 - 775  (DOI
  • Qin, Xianping Ren, Xia Yang, Yuanxi 2014:
    "Real-time relative orbit determination for formation flying satellites using adaptive filtering."
    Journal of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics  40  1195 - 1199 
  • Song, Chunqiao 2014:
    "Heterogeneous Changes in Hydrologic System of the Tibetan Plateau in Response to Climate Variability: Application of Multi-source Satellite Data."
      Ph.D.  225 - 225  (DOI
  • Yi, Shuang Sun, Wenke Heki, Kosuke Qian, An 2015:
    "An increase in the rate of global mean sea level rise since 2010."
    Geophysical Research Letters  42  3998–4006 - 3998–4006   (DOI
  • Chinnasamy, Pennan Misra, Gourav Shah, Tushaar Maheshwari, Basant Prathapar, Sanmugam 2015:
    "Evaluating the effectiveness of water infrastructures for increasing groundwater recharge and agricultural production - A case study of Gujarat, India."
    Agricultural Water Management  158  179 - 188  (DOI
  • Gong, Xue-Wen Wang, Fu-Hong 2015:
    "A novel submeter-level real-time orbit determination algorithm based on space-borne gps pseudorange measurements."
    Yuhang Xuebao/Journal of Astronautics  36  477 - 482  (DOI
  • Chen, Qiujie Shen, Yunzhong Zhang, Xingfu Hsu, Houze Chen, Wu 2015:
    "Global Earths gravity field solution with GRACE orbit and range measurements using modified short arc approach."
    Acta Geodaetica Et Geophysica  50  173 - 185  (DOI
  • Kim, J. Tapley, B. D. 2015:
    "Estimation of non-gravitational acceleration difference between two co-orbiting satellites using single accelerometer data."
    Journal Of Geodesy  89  537 - 550  (DOI
  • Murray, S. A. Henley, E. M. Jackson, D. R. Bruinsma, S. L. 2015:
    "Assessing the performance of thermospheric modeling with data assimilation throughout solar cycles 23 and 24."
    Space Weather-the International Journal of Research and Applications  13  220 - 232  (DOI
  • Schoen, N. Zammit-Mangion, A. Rougier, J. C. Flament, T. Remy, F. Luthcke, S. Bamber, J. L. 2015:
    "Simultaneous solution for mass trends on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet."
    Cryosphere  9  805 - 819  (DOI
  • Zhan, J. G. Wang, Y. Shi, H. L. Chai, H. Zhu, C. D. 2015:
    "Removing correlative errors in GRACE data by the smoothness priors method."
    Chinese Journal Of Geophysics-Chinese Edition  58  1135 - 1144  (DOI
  • Inacio, P. Ditmar, P. Klees, R. Farahani, H. H. 2015:
    "Analysis of star camera errors in GRACE data and their impact on monthly gravity field models."
    Journal Of Geodesy  89  551 - 571  (DOI
  • Shaddock, Daniel A. :
    "Overview of the GRACE follow-on mission."
      - paper ETh4.3  (DOI
  • Abich, Klaus Bogan, Christina Braxmaier, Claus Danzmann, Karsten Dehne, Marina Gohlke, Martin Görth, Alexander Heinzel, Gerhard Herding, Mark Mahrdt, Christoph Müller, Vitali Nicklaus, Kolja Sanjuan, Josep Schütze, Daniel Sheard, Benjamin Stede, Gunnar Voss, Kai 2015:
    "GRACE-Follow On Laser Ranging Interferometer: German contribution."
    Journal of Physics: Conference Series  610  12010 - 12014  (DOI
  • Long, Di Longuevergne, Laurent Scanlon, Bridget R. 2015:
    "Global analysis of approaches for deriving total water storage changes from GRACE satellites."
    Water Resources Research  51  2574–2594 - 2574–2594   (DOI
  • Piecuch, Christopher G. 2015:
    "Bottom-pressure signature of annual baroclinic Rossby waves in the northeast tropical Pacific Ocean."
    Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans  120  2449–2459 - 2449–2459   (DOI
  • Seo, K. W. Waliser, D. E. Lee, C. K. Tian, B. J. Scambos, T. Kim, B. M. van Angelen, J. H. van den Broeke, M. R. 2015:
    "Accelerated mass loss from Greenland ice sheet: Links to atmospheric circulation in the North Atlantic."
    Global And Planetary Change  128  61 - 71  (DOI
  • Singh, R. S. Reager, J. T. Miller, N. L. Famiglietti, J. S. 2015:
    "Toward hyper-resolution land-surface modeling: The effects of fine-scale topography and soil texture on CLM4.0 simulations over the Southwestern U.S."
    Water Resources Research  51  2648–2667 - 2648–2667   (DOI
  • Tangdamrongsub, N. Steele-Dunne, S. C. Gunter, B. C. Ditmar, P. G. Weerts, A. H. 2015:
    "Data assimilation of GRACE terrestrial water storage estimates into a regional hydrological model of the Rhine River basin."
    Hydrology And Earth System Sciences  19  2079 - 2100  (DOI
  • Watkins, Michael M. Wiese, David N. Yuan, Dah-Ning Boening, Carmen Landerer, Felix W. 2015:
    "Improved Methods for Observing Earth's Time Variable Mass Distribution with GRACE using Spherical Cap Mascons."
    Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth  120  2648–2671 - 2648–2671   (DOI
  • Karpik, A. P. Kanushin, V. F. Ganagina, I. G. Goldobin, D. N. Mazurova, E. M. 2015:
    "Analyzing spectral characteristics of the global Earth gravity field models obtained from the CHAMP, GRACE and GOCE space missions."
    Gyroscopy and Navigation  6  101 - 108  (DOI
  • Kim, Jeongrae Lee, Young Jae 2015:
    "Using ionospheric corrections from the space-based augmentation systems for low earth orbiting satellites."
    Gps Solutions  19  423 - 431   (DOI
  • Chen, Q. J. Shen, Y. Z. Zhang, X. F. Hsu, H. Z. Chen, W. Ju, X. L. Lou, L. Z. 2015:
    "Monthly gravity field models derived from GRACE Level 1B data using a modified short-arc approach."
    Journal Of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth  120  1804 - 1819  (DOI
  • Memin, A. Flament, T. Alizier, B. Watson, C. Remy, F. 2015:
    "Interannual variation of the Antarctic Ice Sheet from a combined analysis of satellite gravimetry and altimetry data."
    Earth And Planetary Science Letters  422  150 - 156  (DOI
  • Zheng, Wei Hsu, Hou-Tse Zhong, Min Yun, Mei-Juan 2015:
    "A study on the improvement in spatial resolution of the Earth's gravitational field by the next-generation ACR-Cartwheel-A/B twin-satellite formation."
    Chinese Journal of Geophysics (Acta Geophysica Sinica)  58  767 - 779  (DOI
  • Dobslaw, H. Bergmann-Wolf, I. Dill, R. Forootan, E. Klemann, V. Kusche, J. Sasgen, I. 2015:
    "The updated ESA Earth System Model for future gravity mission simulation studies."
    Journal Of Geodesy  89  505 - 513  (DOI
  • Cai, Xiaobin Feng, Lian Wang, Yuxi Chen, Xiaoling 2015:
    "Influence of the Three Gorges Project on the Water Resource Components of Poyang Lake Watershed: Observations from TRMM and GRACE."
    Advances in Meteorology  2015  148913 (7 pages) - 148913 (7 pages)  (DOI
  • Cai, Xitian Yang, Zong-Liang Xia, Youlong Huang, Maoyi Wei, Helin Leung, L. Ruby Ek, Michael B. 2014:
    "Assessment of Simulated Water Balance from Noah, Noah-MP, CLM, and VIC over CONUS Using the NLDAS Testbed."
    Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres  119  13,751–13,770 - 13,751–13,770   (DOI
  • Chinnasamy, Pennan Agoramoorthy, Govindasamy 2015:
    "Groundwater Storage and Depletion Trends in Tamil Nadu State, India."
    Water Resources Management  29  2139 - 2152   (DOI
  • Li, Bailing Rodell, Matthew 2015:
    "Evaluation of a model-based groundwater drought indicator in the conterminous U.S."
      526  78–88 - 78–88  (DOI
  • Liu, Huanling Wen, Hanjiang Zhou, Yang 2015:
    "Determination of high-resolution geostrophic currents using GOCE gravity field models."
    Zhongguo Kuangye Daxue Xuebao/Journal of China University of Mining and Technology  44  367 - 374 
  • Su, Xiaoli Shum, C. K. Guo, Junyi Duan, Jianbin Howat, Ian Yi, Yuchan 2015:
    "High resolution Greenland ice sheet inter-annual mass variations combining GRACE gravimetry and Envisat altimetry."
    Earth And Planetary Science Letters  422  11 - 17  (DOI
  • Wang, Shu-Zhi Zhu, Guang-Wu Bai, Wei-Hua Liu, Cong-Liang Sun, Yue-Qiang Du, Qi-Fei Wang, Xian-Yi Meng, Xiang-Guang Yang, Guang-Lin Yang, Zhong-Dong Zhang, Xiao-Xin Bi, Yan-Meng Wang, Dong-Wei Xia, Jun-Ming Wu, Di Cai, Yue-Rong Han, Ying 2015:
    "For the first time fengyun3 C satellite-global navigation satellite system occultation sounder achieved spaceborne Bei Dou system radio occultation."
    Wuli Xuebao/Acta Physica Sinica  64  089301 - 089301  (DOI
  • Wang, Shusen Huang, Jianliang Yang, Daqing Pavlic, Goran Li, Junhua 2015:
    "Long-term water budget imbalances and error sources for cold region drainage basins."
      29  2125–2136 - 2125–2136  (DOI
  • Bowen, Melissa Sutton, Philip Roemmich, Dean 2014:
    "Estimating mean dynamic topography in boundary currents and the use of Argo trajectories."
    Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans  119  8422–8437 - 8422–8437  (DOI
  • Müller, Silvia Brockmann, JanMartin Schuh, Wolf-Dieter Marti, Urs :
    "Consistent Combination of Gravity Field, Altimetry and Hydrographic Data."
      141  267 - 273  (DOI
  • Mäkinen, Jaakko Hokkanen, Tero Virtanen, Heikki Raja-Halli, Arttu Mäkinen, RistoP Marti, Urs :
    "Local Hydrological Effects on Gravity at Metsähovi, Finland: Implications for Comparing Observations by the Superconducting Gravimeter with Global Hydrological Models and with GRACE."
      141  275 - 281  (DOI
  • Rexer, Moritz Pail, Roland Fecher, Thomas Meyer, Ulrich Marti, Urs :
    "Time Variable Gravity: Contributions of GOCE Satellite Data to Monthly and Bi-monthly GRACE Gravity Field Estimates."
      141  35 - 40  (DOI
  • Schlie, Jakob Murböck, Michael Pail, Roland Marti, Urs :
    "Feasibility Study of a Future Satellite Gravity Mission Using GEO-LEO Line-of-Sight Observations."
      141  123 - 130  (DOI
  • Tocho, C. Vergos, G. S. Pacino, M. C. Marti, Urs :
    "Evaluation of GOCE/GRACE Derived Global Geopotential Models over Argentina with Collocated GPS/Levelling Observations."
      141  75 - 83  (DOI
  • Vergos, G. S. Grigoriadis, V. N. Tziavos, I. N. Kotsakis, C. Marti, Urs :
    "Evaluation of GOCE/GRACE Global Geopotential Models over Greece with Collocated GPS/Levelling Observations and Local Gravity Data."
      141  85 - 92  (DOI
  • Bilker-Koivula, Mirjam Marti, Urs :
    "Assessment of High-Resolution Global Gravity Field Models and Their Application in Quasi-geoid Modelling in Finland."
      141  51 - 58  (DOI
  • Flechtner, Frank Morton, Phil Watkins, Mike Webb, Frank Marti, Urs :
    "Status of the GRACE Follow-On Mission."
      141  117 - 121  (DOI
  • Ince, E. S. Erol, B. Sideris, M. G. Marti, Urs :
    "Evaluation of the GOCE-Based Gravity Field Models in Turkey."
      141  93 - 99  (DOI
  • Jin, Shuanggen Feng, Guiping Marti, Urs :
    "Global Groundwater Cycles and Extreme Events Responses Observed by Satellite Gravimetry."
      141  283 - 288  (DOI
  • Li, Jiancheng Jiang, Weiping Zou, Xiancai Xu, Xinyu Shen, Wenbin Marti, Urs :
    "Evaluation of Recent GRACE and GOCE Satellite Gravity Models and Combined Models Using GPS/Leveling and Gravity Data in China."
      141  67 - 74  (DOI

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