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GRACE Tellus Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment
Publications 01/2013 - 01/2015
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  • Brockmann, J. M. Zehentner, N. Hock, E. Pail, R. Loth, I. Mayer-Gurr, T. Schuh, W. D. 2014:
    "EGM_TIM_RL05: An independent geoid with centimeter accuracy purely based on the GOCE mission."
    Geophysical Research Letters  41  8089 - 8099  (DOI
  • Velicogna, I. Sutterley, T. C. van den Broeke, M. R. 2014:
    "Regional acceleration in ice mass loss from Greenland and Antarctica using GRACE time-variable gravity data."
    Geophysical Research Letters  41  8130 - 8137  (DOI
  • Yang, Yu-Ming Meng, X. Komjathy, A. Verkholyadova, O. Langley, R. B. Tsurutani, B. T. Mannucci, A. J. 2014:
    "Tohoku-Oki earthquake caused major ionospheric disturbances at 450km altitude over Alaska."
    Radio Science  49  1206 - 1213  (DOI
  • Senay, Gabriel B. Velpuri, Naga Manohar Bohms, Stefanie Demissie, Yonas Gebremichael, Mekonnen 2014:
    "Understanding the hydrologic sources and sinks in the Nile Basin using multisource climate and remote sensing data sets."
    Water Resources Research  50  8625 - 8650  (DOI
  • Springer, A. Kusche, J. Hartung, K. Ohlwein, C. Longuevergne, L. 2014:
    "New Estimates of Variations in Water Flux and Storage over Europe Based on Regional ( Re) Analyses and Multisensor Observations."
    Journal Of Hydrometeorology  15  2397 - 2417  (DOI
  • Tarul, S. Praveen, T. Bhaskar, N. Garg, V. :
    "Water Budget Components Estimation Using Satellite Data and a Hydrological Model."
       1 - 10  (DOI
  • Flores, Andrea Pamela 2014:
    "Remote sensing applied to ground water resources."
       1 - 18  (DOI
  • Getirana, A. C. V. Dutra, E. Guimberteau, M. Kam, J. H. Li, H. Y. Decharme, B. Zhang, Z. Q. Ducharne, A. Boone, A. Balsamo, G. Rodell, M. Toure, A. M. Xue, Y. K. Peters-Lidard, C. D. Kumar, S. V. Arsenault, K. Drapeau, G. Leung, L. R. Ronchail, J. Sheffield, J. 2014:
    "Water Balance in the Amazon Basin from a Land Surface Model Ensemble."
    Journal Of Hydrometeorology  15  2586 - 2614  (DOI
  • Hoffman, Forrest M. Lawrence, David Randerson, James T. Mu, Mingquan Riley, William J. Moore, J. Keith Keppel-Aleks, Gretchen Kluzek, Erik Koven, Charles D. 2014:
    "Model Benchmarking: An Informal Tour of the International Land Model Benchmarking (ILAMB) Prototype."
       1 - 26  (DOI
  • Lorenz, C. Kunstmann, H. Devaraju, B. Tourian, M. J. Sneeuw, N. Riegger, J. 2014:
    "Large-Scale Runoff from Landmasses: A Global Assessment of the Closure of the Hydrological and Atmospheric Water Balances."
    Journal Of Hydrometeorology  15  2111 - 2139  (DOI
  • Wang, Zheng-Tao Chao, Neng-Fang 2014:
    "Time-variable gravity signal in Greenland revealed by SWARM high-low Satellite-to-Satellite Tracking."
    Chinese Journal of Geophysics (Acta Geophysica Sinica)  57  3117 - 3128  (DOI
  • Agrawal, Ritesh Singh, S. K. Rajawat, A. S. Ajai, :
    "Estimation of regional mass anomalies from gravity recovery and climate experiment (GRACE) over Himalayan region."
      XL-8  329 - 332  (DOI
  • Brockmann, J. Roese-Koerner, L. Schuh, W. D. 2014:
    "A concept for the estimation of high-degree gravity field models in a high performance computing environment."
    Studia Geophysica Et Geodaetica  58  571 - 594  (DOI
  • Freedman, Frank R. Pitts, Katherine L. Bridger, Alison F. C. 2014:
    "Evaluation of CMIP climate model hydrological output for the Mississippi River Basin using GRACE satellite observations."
    Journal Of Hydrology  519  3566 - 3577  (DOI
  • Munier, S. Aires, F. Schlaffer, S. Prigent, C. Papa, F. Maisongrande, P. Pan, M. 2014:
    "Combining data sets of satellite-retrieved products for basin-scale water balance study: 2. Evaluation on the Mississippi Basin and closure correction model."
    Journal Of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres  119  12100 - 12116  (DOI
  • Purkey, S. G. Johnson, G. C. Chambers, D. P. 2014:
    "Relative contributions of ocean mass and deep steric changes to sea level rise between 1993 and 2013."
    Journal Of Geophysical Research-Oceans  119  7509 - 7522  (DOI
  • Banerjee, Chandan Kumar, D. Nagesh 2014:
    "Identification Of Prominent Spatio-Temporal Signals In GRACE Derived Terrestrial Water Storage For India."
    International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences  XL-8  333 - 338  (DOI
  • Crossley, D. J. Boy, J. P. Hinderer, J. Jahr, T. Weise, A. Wziontek, H. Abe, M. Forste, C. 2014:
    "Comment on: 'The quest for a consistent signal in ground and GRACE gravity time-series', by Michel Van Camp, Olivier de Viron, Laurent Metivier, Bruno Meurers and Olivier Francis."
    Geophysical Journal International  199  1811 - 1817  (DOI
  • Liu, J. H. Gu, D. F. Ju, B. Yao, J. Duan, X. J. Yi, D. Y. 2014:
    "Basic performance of BeiDou-2 navigation satellite system used in LEO satellites precise orbit determination."
    Chinese Journal of Aeronautics  27  1251 - 1258  (DOI
  • Matthew O Jones John S Kimball Ramakrishna R Nemani 2014:
    "Asynchronous Amazon forest canopy phenology indicates adaptation to both water and light availability."
    Environmental Research Letters  9  124021 - 124021  (DOI
  • Van Camp, M. de Viron, O. Metivier, L. Meurers, B. Francis, O. 2014:
    "Reply to the Comment By Crossley et al. on: 'The quest for a consistent signal in ground and GRACE gravity time series'."
    Geophysical Journal International  199  1818 - 1822  (DOI
  • Peralta-Ferriz, C. Morison, J. H. Stalin, S. E. Meinig, C. 2014:
    "Measuring Ocean Bottom Pressure at the North Pole."
    Marine Technology Society Journal  48  52 - 68  (DOI
  • Tian, Y. X. Scaioni, M. Tong, X. H. Li, R. X. 2015:
    "On the Conversion of Antarctic Ice-Mass Change to Sea Level Equivalent."
    Marine Geodesy  38  89 - 97  (DOI
  • Ales, Filippo Gath, Peter F. Johann, Ulrich Braxmaier, Claus 2014:
    "Modeling and Simulation of a Laser Ranging Interferometer Acquisition and Guidance Algorithm."
    Journal Of Spacecraft And Rockets  51  226 - 238  (DOI
  • Sesana, A. Weber, W. J. Killow, C. J. Perreur-Lloyd, M. Robertson, D. I. Ward, H. Fitzsimons, E. D. Bryant, J. Cruise, A. M. Dixon, G. Hoyland, D. Smith, D. Bogenstahl, J. McNamara, P. W. Gerndt, R. Flatscher, R. Hechenblaikner, G. Hewitson, M. Gerberding, O. Barke, S. Brause, N. Bykov, I. Danzmann, K. Enggaard, A. Gianolio, A. Hansen, T. V. Heinzel, G. Hornstrup, A. Jennrich, O. Kullmann, J. Moller-Pedersen, S. Rasmussen, T. Reiche, J. Sodnik, Z. Suess, M. Armano, M. Sumner, T. Bender, P. L. Akutsu, T. Sathyaprakash, B. S. Decigo Working Grp 2014:
    "Space-based detectors."
    General Relativity And Gravitation  46  1793 - 1793  (DOI
  • Krauss, S. Pfleger, M. Lammer, H. 2014:
    "Satellite-based analysis of thermosphere response to extreme solar flares."
    Annales Geophysicae  32  1305 - 1309  (DOI
  • Shahrisvand, M. Akhoondzadeh, M. Sharifi, M. A. 2014:
    "Detection of gravity changes before powerful earthquakes in GRACE satellite observations."
    Annals of Geophysics  57 - (DOI
  • Su, Z. van der Velde, R. Dente, L. Wang, L. Zeng, Y. Chen, X. Huang, Y. Menenti, M. Sobrino, J. Li, Z.-L. Sneeuw, N. Wen, J. He, Y. Tang, B. Zhong, L. 2014:
    "CEOP-TPE-Concerted Earth Observation And Prediction Of Water And Energy Cycles In The Third Pole Environment."
      - ID: 10603  (DOI
  • Wang, Wenbin Liu, Rongfang 2014:
    "Precise Orbit Determination Based on Reduced Dynamic Batch LSQ Estimation Method Using Dual-frequency GPS Observations."
    Chinese Journal of Space Science  34  460 - 7  (DOI
  • Becker, S. Losch, M. Brockmann, J. M. Freiwald, G. Schuh, W. D. 2014:
    "A Tailored Computation of the Mean Dynamic Topography for a Consistent Integration into Ocean Circulation Models."
    Surveys in Geophysics  35  1507 - 1525   (DOI
  • Bruinsma, Sean L. Frste, Christoph Abrikosov, Oleg Lemoine, Jean-Michel Marty, Jean-Charles Mulet, Sandrine Rio, Marie-Helene Bonvalot, Sylvain 2014:
    "ESA's satellite-only gravity field model via the direct approach based on all GOCE data."
    Geophysical Research Letters  41  7508 - 7514  (DOI
  • Doll, Petra Fritsche, Mathias Eicker, Annette Muller Schmied, Hannes 2014:
    "Seasonal Water Storage Variations as Impacted by Water Abstractions: Comparing the Output of a Global Hydrological Model with GRACE and GPS Observations."
    Surveys in Geophysics  35  1311 - 1331  (DOI
  • Eicker, Annette Schumacher, Maike Kusche, Jrgen Dll, Petra Schmied, Hannes Mller 2014:
    "Calibration/Data Assimilation Approach for Integrating GRACE Data into the WaterGAP Global Hydrology Model (WGHM) Using an Ensemble Kalman Filter: First Results."
    Surveys in Geophysics  35  1285 - 1309   (DOI
  • Famiglietti, J. S. 2014:
    "The global groundwater crisis."
    Nature Climate Change  4  945 - 948  (DOI
  • Groh, A. Ewert, H. Fritsche, M. Rulke, A. Rosenau, R. Scheinert, M. Dietrich, R. 2014:
    "Assessing the Current Evolution of the Greenland Ice Sheet by Means of Satellite and Ground-Based Observations."
    Surveys in Geophysics  35  1459 - 1480   (DOI
  • Groh, A. Ewert, H. Rosenau, R. Fagiolini, E. Gruber, C. Floricioiu, D. Abdel Jaber, W. Linow, S. Flechtner, F. Eineder, M. Dierking, W. Dietrich, R. 2014:
    "Mass, Volume and Velocity of the Antarctic Ice Sheet: Present-Day Changes and Error Effects."
    Surveys in Geophysics  35  1481 - 1505  (DOI
  • Liu, R. L. Li, J. C. Fok, H. S. Shum, C. K. Li, Z. 2014:
    "Earth Surface Deformation in the North China Plain Detected by Joint Analysis of GRACE and GPS Data."
    Sensors  14  19861 - 19876  (DOI
  • Rietbroek, Roelof Fritsche, Mathias Dahle, Christoph Brunnabend, Sandra-Esther Behnisch, Madlen Kusche, Jurgen Flechtner, Frank Schroter, Jens Dietrich, Reinhard 2014:
    "Can GPS-Derived Surface Loading Bridge a GRACE Mission Gap?."
    Surveys in Geophysics  35  1267 - 1283   (DOI
  • Wang, Linsong Chen, Chao Du, Jinsong Wang, Qiuge Sun, Shida 2014:
    "Impact of water impoundment of large reservoirs on spatial variation of coastal relative sea level in China."
    Diqiu Kexue - Zhongguo Dizhi Daxue Xuebao/Earth Science - Journal of China University of Geosciences  39  1607 - 1616  (DOI
  • Zheng, Wei Xu, Houze Zhong, Min Liu, Chengshu Yun, Meijuan 2014:
    "Researches on future ultra-precision CSGM satellite gravity mission in China."
    Guofang Keji Daxue Xuebao/Journal of National University of Defense Technology  36  102 - 111  (DOI
  • Sneeuw, N. Lorenz, C. Devaraju, B. Tourian, M. J. Riegger, J. Kunstmann, H. Bardossy, A. 2014:
    "Estimating Runoff Using Hydro-Geodetic Approaches."
    Surveys in Geophysics  35  1333 - 1359  (DOI
  • Zenner, L. Bergmann-Wolf, I. Dobslaw, H. Gruber, T. Guntner, A. Wattenbach, M. Esselborn, S. Dill, R. 2014:
    "Comparison of Daily GRACE Gravity Field and Numerical Water Storage Models for De-aliasing of Satellite Gravimetry Observations."
    Surveys in Geophysics  35  1251 - 1266   (DOI
  • Bandikova, Tamara Flury, Jakob 2014:
    "Improvement of the GRACE star camera data based on the revision of the combination method."
    Advances in Space Research  54  1818 - 1827  (DOI
  • Jin, Shuanggen Feng, Guiping Andersen, Ole 2014:
    "Errors of mean dynamic topography and geostrophic current estimates in China's marginal seas from GOCE and satellite altimetry."
    Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology  31  2544 - 2555  (DOI
  • Vergnes, J. P. Decharme, B. Habets, F. 2014:
    "Introduction of groundwater capillary rises using subgrid spatial variability of topography into the ISBA land surface model."
    Journal Of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres  119  11065 - 11086  (DOI
  • Wang, Z. T. Chao, N. F. 2014:
    "Time-variable gravity signal in Greenland revealed by SWARM high-low Satellite-to-Satellite Tracking."
    Chinese Journal Of Geophysics-Chinese Edition  57  3117 - 3128  (DOI
  • Yang, Yang Yue, Xiaokui Yuan, Jianping Rizos, Chris 2014:
    "Enhancing the kinematic precise orbit determination of low earth orbiters using GPS receiver clock modelling."
    Advances in Space Research  54  1901 - 1912   (DOI
  • Zheng, Wei Hsu, Houtse Zhong, Min Yun, Meijuan 2014:
    "Requirements Analysis for Future Satellite Gravity Mission Improved-GRACE."
    Surveys in Geophysics  36  87 - 109  (DOI
  • Niu, J. Shen, C. P. Li, S. G. Phanikumar, M. S. 2014:
    "Quantifying storage changes in regional Great Lakes watersheds using a coupled subsurface-land surface process model and GRACE, MODIS products."
    Water Resources Research  50  7359 - 7377  (DOI
  • Oliveira, Paulo Tarso S. Nearing, Mark A. Moran, M. Susan Goodrich, David C. Wendland, Edson Gupta, Hoshin V. 2014:
    "Trends in water balance components across the Brazilian Cerrado."
    Water Resources Research  50  7100 - 7114   (DOI
  • Cox, Helen Kelly, Kimberle Yetter, Laura 2014:
    "Using Remote Sensing and Geospatial Technology for Climate Change Education."
    Journal of Geoscience Education  62  609 - 620  (DOI
  • Lay, Thorne 2015:
    "The surge of great earthquakes from 2004 to 2014."
    Earth And Planetary Science Letters  409  133 - 146  (DOI
  • Song, Chunqiao Ke, Linghong Huang, Bo Richards, Keith S. 2015:
    "Can mountain glacier melting explains the GRACE-observed mass loss in the southeast Tibetan Plateau: From a climate perspective?."
    Global And Planetary Change  124  1 - 9  (DOI
  • Tourian, M. J. Elmi, O. Chen, Q. Devaraju, B. Roohi, Sh Sneeuw, N. 2015:
    "A spaceborne multisensor approach to monitor the desiccation of Lake Urmia in Iran."
    Remote Sensing of Environment  156  349 - 360  (DOI
  • Wouters, B Bonin, J A Chambers, D P Riva, R E M Sasgen, I Wahr, J 2014:
    "GRACE, time-varying gravity, Earth system dynamics and climate change."
    Reports on Progress in Physics  77  116801 - 116801  (DOI
  • Broerse, T. Riva, R. Vermeersen, B. 2014:
    "Ocean contribution to seismic gravity changes: the sea level equation for seismic perturbations revisited."
    Geophysical Journal International  199  1094 - 1109  (DOI
  • Castellazzi, Pascal Martel, Richard Garfias, Jaime Calderhead, Angus I. Salas-Garcia, Javier Huang, Jianliang Rivera, Alfonso 2014:
    "Groundwater deficit and land subsidence in central mexico monitored by GRACE and RADARSAT-2."
       2597 - 2600  (DOI
  • Fleddermann, R. Ward, R. L. Elliot, M. Wuchenich, D. M. Gilles, F. Herding, M. Nicklaus, K. Brown, J. Burke, J. Dligatch, S. Farrant, D. I. Green, K. L. Seckold, J. A. Blundell, M. Brister, R. Smith, C. Sheard, B. S. Heinzel, G. Danzmann, K. Klipstein, B. McClelland, D. E. Shaddock, D. A. 2014:
    "Testing the GRACE follow-on triple mirror assembly."
    Classical And Quantum Gravity  31  195004 - 195004  (DOI
  • Long, Di Shen, Yanjun Sun, Alexander Hong, Yang Longuevergne, Laurent Yang, Yuting Li, Bin Chen, Lu 2014:
    "Drought and flood monitoring for a large karst plateau in Southwest China using extended GRACE data."
      155  145 - 160  (DOI
  • Sharma, Asha N. Todd Walter, M. 2014:
    "Estimating long-term changes in actual evapotranspiration and water storage using a one-parameter model."
    Journal Of Hydrology  519  2312 - 2317  (DOI
  • Visser, Pnam van der Wal, W. Schrama, E. J. O. van den Ijssel, J. Bouman, J. 2014:
    "Assessment of observing time-variable gravity from GOCE GPS and accelerometer observations."
    Journal Of Geodesy  88  1029 - 1046  (DOI
  • Forsberg, R. Sorensen, L. S. Levinsen, J. Nilsson, J. :
    "Mass loss of Greenland from GRACE, IceSat and CryoSat."
      717  6 pp - 6 pp 
  • Li, Jin Chen, Jianli Zhang, Zizhan 2014:
    "Seismologic applications of GRACE time-variable gravity measurements."
    Earthquake Science  27  229 - 245  (DOI
  • van Wessem, J. M. Reijmer, C. H. Morlighem, M. Mouginot, J. Rignot, E. Medley, B. Joughin, I. Wouters, B. Depoorter, M. A. Bamber, J. L. Lenaerts, J. T. M. van de Berg, W. J. van den Broeke, M. R. van Meijgaard, E. 2014:
    "Improved representation of East Antarctic surface mass balance in a regional atmospheric climate model."
    Journal Of Glaciology  60  761 - 770  (DOI
  • Belda, Santiago García-García, David Ferrándiz, José M. 2015:
    "On the decorrelation filtering of RL05 GRACE data for global applications."
    Geophysical Journal International  200  173 - 184  (DOI
  • Guan, K. Y. Wood, E. F. Medvigy, D. Kimball, J. Pan, M. Caylor, K. K. Sheffield, J. Xu, X. T. Jones, M. O. 2014:
    "Terrestrial hydrological controls on land surface phenology of African savannas and woodlands."
    Journal of Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences  119  1652 - 1669  (DOI
  • Habarulema, John Bosco Katamzi, Zama Thobeka Yizengaw, Endawoke 2014:
    "A simultaneous study of ionospheric parameters derived from FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC, GRACE, and CHAMP missions over middle, low, and equatorial latitudes: Comparison with ionosonde data."
    Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics  119  7732 - 7744  (DOI
  • Stammer, D. Ray, R. D. Andersen, O. B. Arbic, B. K. Bosch, W. Carrere, L. Cheng, Y. Chinn, D. S. Dushaw, B. D. Egbert, G. D. Erofeeva, S. Y. Fok, H. S. Green, J. A. M. Griffiths, S. King, M. A. Lapin, V. Lemoine, F. G. Luthcke, S. B. Lyard, F. Morison, J. Muller, M. Padman, L. Richman, J. G. Shriver, J. F. Shum, C. K. Taguchi, E. Yi, Y. 2014:
    "Accuracy assessment of global barotropic ocean tide models."
    Reviews of Geophysics  52  243 - 282  (DOI
  • Qin, Xianping Ren, Xia Yang, Yuanxi 2014:
    "Real-time relative orbit determination for formation flying satellites using adaptive filtering."
    Beijing Hangkong Hangtian Daxue Xuebao/Journal of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics  40  1195 - 1199  (DOI
  • Randolph-Flagg, Noah Day, Jesse Bürgmann, Roland Manga, Michael University of California, Berkeley, Seismological Laboratory 2014:
    "Hydrologic Modulation of Seismicity in Western China 1991–2013."
       47 - 48  (DOI
  • Swenson, S. C. Lawrence, D. M. 2014:
    "Assessing a dry surface layer-based soil resistance parameterization for the Community Land Model using GRACE and FLUXNET-MTE data."
    Journal Of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres  119  10,299–10,312 - 10,299–10,312  (DOI
  • Walker, Andrew Mehta, Piyush Koller, Josef 2014:
    "Different implementations of diffuse reflection with incomplete accommodation for drag coefficient modeling."
    Journal Of Spacecraft And Rockets  51  1522 - 1532  (DOI
  • Zhang, Ke-Liang Gan, Wei-Jun Zhou, Xin 2014:
    "Detection of coseismic changes of great earthquakes in grace time-variable gravity field with empirical orthogonal functions: A case study of the MW9.0 Tohoku-Oki earthquake."
    Dizhen Dizhi  36  763 - 774  (DOI
  • Awange, J. L. Gebremichael, M. Forootan, E. Wakbulcho, G. Anyah, R. Ferreira, V. G. Alemayehu, T. 2014:
    "Characterization of Ethiopian mega hydrogeological regimes using GRACE, TRMM and GLDAS datasets."
    Advances in Water Resources  74  64 - 78  (DOI
  • Brea-Naranjo, Jose Agustin Kendall, Anthony D. Hyndman, David W. 2014:
    "Improved methods for satellite-Based groundwater storage estimates: A decade of monitoring the high plains aquifer from space and ground observations."
    Geophysical Research Letters  41  6167 - 6173  (DOI
  • Chew, Clara C. Small, Eric E. 2014:
    "Terrestrial water storage response to the 2012 drought estimated from GPS vertical position anomalies."
    Geophysical Research Letters  41  6145 - 6151  (DOI
  • Papanikolaou, Thomas D. Tsoulis, Dimitrios 2014:
    "Dynamic orbit parameterization and assessment in the frame of current GOCE gravity models."
    Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors  236  1 - 9  (DOI
  • Piecuch, C. G. Ponte, R. M. 2014:
    "A wind-driven nonseasonal barotropic fluctuation of the Canadian Inland Seas."
    Ocean Science Discussions  11  2337–2365 - 2337–2365  (DOI
  • Petrick, C. Dobslaw, H. Bergmann-Wolf, I. Schon, N. Matthes, K. Thomas, M. 2014:
    "Low-frequency ocean bottom pressure variations in the North Pacific in response to time-variable surface winds."
    Journal Of Geophysical Research-Oceans  119  5190 - 5202  (DOI
  • Wahr, J. Smeed, D. A. Leuliette, E. Swenson, S. 2014:
    "Seasonal variability of the Red Sea, from satellite gravity, radar altimetry, and in situ observations."
    Journal Of Geophysical Research-Oceans  119  5091 - 5104  (DOI

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